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Travel Blogger, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

8 years world travel! Van Life, Filmindustrie and I help other people to travel! -> Travel made who I am today!

Daniel Kovacs Filmmaker Pro

Who is Daniel ?

I’m an inspired traveler in my early thirties who learned about content creation, web design & blogging because I had to. Like so many other people, I’m on my Plan B career.

I graduated in germany as a certified mechanical technician (mechanical engineer degree) and went to work for an engineering company. I thought i’m on the right path — but there are some parts of life we can’t control. I wasn’t happy! So I left Germany in 2015 and moved to Vancouver, Canada.

I worked in the movie Industry as a 3D Designer. As far back as I can remember, there was always the desire to make things. So I founded “Working Holiday Kanada” in 2016. I share my experience about Canada on the blog. Since than I was obsessed with learning everything about content creation, digital marketing, blogging, web design & Filmmaking. I also created the YouTube Channel “Working Holiday“.

Why Do We Create? - by Daniel Kovacs

This video shows my current set of skills. It was a free contribution to the city of Melbourne. The Street Art and creativity had a big influence on my craft.

My Book

Planning-Guide (German) for a Working Holiday in Canada (Published: 12.12.2020)

Make Canada the best time of your life!

With this Working Holiday Guidebook I will guide you through all the important steps to independently plan your time abroad. I take you by the hand and show you everything I have learned in 5 years of travel around the world. I’ll give you info, tips and guidance on the Working Holiday Visa, the first days after arriving and living and traveling in Canada. – Make your trip the best time of your life! 

What are you waiting for – Canada is waiting for you!

Phoenix Nomads

2021 haben Susanne Metzger und ich Phoenix Nomads gegründet.

Get Customers while you sleep with the Video Content Strategy (VCS)

Combined power from Mindset, Filmmaking, Marketing and Business we help Small Business with the digital landscape. With our Coaching Program you will learn everything you need to know how to run a successful online business. With our core offer the Video Content Strategy. 

Inspired by my own world travel, we want to help you become financial and location free. So you can be a Digital or how we like to call it, a business nomad.

Phoenix Nomads Podcast

Listen to our german Online Business Podcast. Where we cover topics like online marketing, Mindset, Video and more.

Business Portfolio


Need any support with your Business? Shoot me a message here.